50 Years Ago – February, 1971

50 Years Ago – February, 1971

By Jim Ignasher

February, 1971

Gregory Schroeder of Greenville graduated from the University of Rhode Island Reserve Officers Training Corps and was appointed a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 3 of Greenville offered their services to the town for blazing trails at the Forge Road Green Acres Project. The offer was accepted, and the trails are still in use today.

Members of Esmond Boy Scout Troop 1 camped out overnight at Buck Hill in Burrillville.

On February 5th the Apollo 14 lunar module successfully landed on the surface of the moon. Remote television cameras set up by the astronauts later captured mission leader Alan Shepard driving two golf balls with an improvised “golf club”. The balls sailed off in the much reduced gravity of the moon.

Apollo 14 returned to earth safely on February 9th.

If one went to the movies in February, 1971, they might have seen “Cold Turkey”, starring Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, Pippa Scott, Jean Stapleton, and a host of others. Set in the mythical town of Eagle Rock, Iowa, the plot involves a tobacco company which offers twenty-five million dollars to the town if everyone can stop smoking for thirty days. The citizens accept the challenge, and thus the hi-jinx begin.

February, 1971

Popular songs that topped the charts included “One Bad Apple”, by The Osmond Brothers, “Knock Three Times”, by Tony Orlando and Dawn, and “Lonely Days”, by the Bee Gees.

A local oil company was advertising 200 gallons of heating oil for $32.00 plus tax. For those doing the math, that comes to just over six cents a gallon.

The Smithfield Town Council approved an industrial tie-in with the Blackstone Valley Sewer System which included plans to run pipes along George Washington Highway to Ashton.

On February 17th, Smithfield Cub Scout Pack 44 held its annual Blue and Gold Dinner at the Smithfield High School. Achievement awards were presented to: Paul Thorpe, Alfred D’Angelo, James White, Michael Falls, Blaise Amidy, Robert Shirley, David Conte, Brian White, Todd Provost, Adam Bianchini, Richard Thorpe, Richard Scott, Walter Sullivan, Stephan Falls, Michael Serapiglia, Kevin McMaugh, Roger Paquette, and James Boyle.

On February 21st Smithfield Cub Scout pack 141 held its annual Blue and Gold Dinner at Wright’s Farm. The following scouts received achievement awards: Jason Macari, Michael Winsor, Stanley freeman, Scott Graham, John Gerlach, Gregg Hall, Francis Conroy, and Craig Noke.

February, 1971

The following scouts received prizes for raising money for the Christmas Fund: Peter Sparmeni, Jason Macari, and Paul Francisco.

Reverend Michael F. Ray was appointed Rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Greenville.

Father Joseph A. Besse was appointed the new pastor of St. Philips Catholic Church in Greenville.

The Smithfield Police Department acquired three brand new police cars which had a black and white color scheme and dual “gumball” lights on the roof.

The Elks Lodge on Farnum Pike dedicated its new ball room, said to be the largest in the area. A Valentine’s Day dance was held there February 13th which was well attended.

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