50 Years Ago – March, 1972

50 Years Ago – March, 1972

     U. S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Norman R. Leveille of Greenville was serving as a communications specialist in Turkey after completing a tour of duty in Vietnam.

     Brian Douglas Straus of Esmond enlisted in the navy’s “Three Year Airman Program”, and was the first in Rhode Island to do so.

     Air Force pilot 1st Lieutenant Bernard J. Ferro III of Esmond was serving with the 516th Tactical Aircraft Wing. He and his crew were recognized for their outstanding performance during operational training missions held from January to June of 1972.

     Airman Richard L. LaChance of Greenville completed basic training, and was assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas for specialized training.

     Army National Guard Master Sergeants Ralph Corbesero, Jr., and Nicholas P. Gerardi, along with Sergeant’s First Class John L. Foline, and Frank A. Grace, and Staff Sergeant Brendon M. Byone, stationed at the guard depot on Washington Highway, received ten and twenty year service awards.

     On March 2nd, NASA launched the Pioneer 10 space probe which had a plaque attached bearing a message to any alien civilization that might encounter it. In 1983 it became the first man-made object to leave our solar system. It continued transmitting data to Earth until January of 2003.

     On March 3rd, 2.24 inches of rain drenched the area causing the Woonasquatucket River to overflow its banks and cause extensive flooding in Georgiaville and Esmond.

     The Smithfield Boys Club held its annual dinner dance and presented Thomas Black, Albert Octeau, Alonzo Thurber, Senator F. Monroe Allen, and John Ford with exceptional service awards for their work with the organization.

     Gulliver’s Lounge on Farnum Pike advertised St. Patrick’s Day specials which included green beer, Irish whiskey, corned beef sandwiches, and music by the “Smilin’ Faces”, said to be “Far-in folk with a lot of funk.”

     Greenville Cub Scouts Pack 3 held its annual Blue and Gold Dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Pascoag, and Smithfield Pack 43 Cub Scouts held theirs at Wright’s Farm.

     Doreen Marinaccio, age 15, of Georgiaville, won first place in the “Mid-Winter Skating Championships” held in Warwick. She’d competed in the “Freshman Freestyle Event”.

     The Smithfield Lions Club installed two new members; Kaj Andreasson, and Dr. Ronald Hall.

     Bill’s Appliance Inc., once located at 258 Putnam Pike, posted a unique advertisement that read in part, “Wanted, 50 old washers, dead or alive”. Basically he was offering trade in value towards a new Maytag washing machine. The ad went on to state, “Oldest Maytag washer brought in receives bonus trade in rewards on any Maytag of your choice.”

     A local Chevrolet dealership was advertising new 1972 model cars. One could own a Monte Carlo for $3,295, an Impala for $3,195, a Camero for $2,850, and a Nova for $2,395.

     If one were more economy minded a Volkswagon dealership was offering Beetles for $2,057.

     On March 21st the Greenville Senior Sunshiners held a meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the Greenville Baptist Church. The meeting was opened by the group’s president Mrs. Elizabeth Spencer, and the chaplain, Mrs. Edith Knushke, led the group with a prayer.

     On March 23rd, David F. Culton of Greenville became Senior Warden of the Nestell Lodge No. 37, of the A. F. & A. M. in Providence. He was also serving with the Rhode Island Air Guard.

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