“Whale Rock” – Smithfield, R. I.

“Whale Rock”

Located on Mapleville Rd., near Kristen Dr., in Smithfield, R. I.

     This rock has been unofficially known as “Whale Rock” since at least the 1970s, (Possibly longer), and is periodically repainted.   

Photos taken June 15, 2019.
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Whale Rock, Smithfield, R.I.
June 15, 2019

Whale Rock – Smithfield, R. I.
June 15, 2019



Memorial Day – 2018

Memorial Day, 2018

Deerfield Park, Greenville, R. I.

Photos courtesy of Bill Pilkington, Smithfield, R. I.  

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Memorial Day 2017


Memorial Day Ceremony at Deerfield Park, Smithfield, R.I., 2017

Photos courtesy of Bill Pilkington, Smithfield, R. I. 

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Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014

     Memorial Day Ceremony at Deerfield Park, 2014. 

Photos courtesy of Bill Pilkington, Smithfield, R.I.

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Veterans Day – 2011

Veterans Day, Deerfield Park, 2011 

Photos courtesy of Bill Pilkington of Smithfield.

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Memorial Day Ceremony – May 27, 2019


Memorial Day Ceremony at Deerfield Park – May, 27, 2019

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Smithfield Area Apple Ad – April, 1969

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Smithfield Area Apple Advertisement from April, 1969.

50 Years Ago – April, 1969

50 Years Ago – April, 1969

     USMC Corporal Steven Oliver of Greenville came home after serving 13 months in Vietnam. The occasion of his homecoming was all the more joyous as he met his little brother Antone for the very first time, who was born while Steven was away.    

     Edmond B. Lynch, Jr., of Greenville, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and would be serving with the Chemical Corps.

     SP/4 John L. Fournier, and SP/4 Raymond A, Mimande, both of Smithfield, were among 75 recent graduates of the Rhode Island Army National Guard NCO School.

     Airman Michael A. Costa of Esmond completed basic Air Force recruit training school and was assigned to aircraft maintenance.

     Army Specialist Angela K. Panzarella of Esmond was promoted to SP/4 and was serving with the Signal Corps at Ft. Sherridan, Illinois.

     Airman 1/c Richard M. Johnson of Greenville was serving with the U. S. Air Force in Thailand.  

     Four students from St, Aloysius Home on Austin Avenue received awards for their entries in a ceramics art contest. The winners were Joseph Chartier, Sheilagh Feely, Robert Dumas, and Leo Belmore.     

     Kathy Marzilli, and 8th grade student from Greenville, won a gold key and blue ribbon for her artistic rendering of “A Still Life Done in Chalk” which was entered in the 5th Annual Scholastic Art Exhibit. The exhibit included 16 art categories, as well as 13 photography classifications. Kathy’s entry was sent to New York to compete with finalists from other states.  

     One local contractor was offering to install aluminum siding on homes (Up to 1,000 square feet.) for only $449.   

     The Ford Maverick, a “sub-compact” family vehicle was introduced in April of 1969 to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle, the Chevrolet Vega, and the AMC Gremlin. OK, by a show of hands, how many recall driving one of those?    

     On April 17 a fashion show and penny social was held at Anna McCabe School to raise funds for a class field trip. Door prizes and free gifts were offered.

     The St. Philips Rosary Guild also held its annual Spring Bridge Fashion Show featuring clothing from The Family Store in Greenville. The event was chaired by Mrs. Edwin Leszczyk, and co-chaired by Mrs. Richard Snow. Other committee members included: Mrs. John Higgins, Mrs. Joseph Cullen, Mrs. Peter Mancini, Mrs. Edith Scully, Mrs. George Hebert, Mrs. Francis Beaudry, Mrs. John Kaminski, Mrs. William Walker, Mrs. Roland L’Abbee, Mrs. Gerald Cahoone, Mrs. Thomas Iemma, Mrs. John Grenga, Mrs. Edward Thomas, Mrs. John Driscoll, Mrs. Richard Conti, Mrs. Robert Reall, and Mrs. Joseph Hickey.

     On April 19 the St. Peter’s School on Austin Avenue held an auction and cake sale on the grounds of the St. Aloysius Home. The event was administered by Sister Mary Alexis RSM, Mrs. Michael Hession, and Mrs. George Chasse.

     It was also on April 19 that “The Soundmen”, a comedic-musical group performed at the Smithfield High School. The men were advertised as bringing “a unique brand of comedy and rhythm capable of breaking a lease or starting a riot.”  

     The first concept model of what would one day be the Space Shuttle was unveiled by NASA engineers. The model was made of paper and balsa wood.    

     One local drug store was giving away three Polaroid Land Cameras in a free raffle. No purchase was necessary. For those too young to recall, such cameras offered “instant photographs” in only 60 seconds.

     A “swing-a-long” benefit was held at the Smithfield Boys Club. Young volunteer organizers included Thomas J. Connor, Jr., John Pascone, John Peloquin, Thomas Peloquin, Maria Pascone, Sheila Peloquin, Cheryl Pechie, Elinor Peloquin, Maribeth Coleman, Francis Finn, William Connell, Nicholas Simone, and Kevin Bell.

     For those who recall sitting in traffic jams on Rt. 44 in Centerdale, construction was begun for the Centerdale Bypass which was set to be completed in November of 1969 with the hops of relieving traffic problems.    

50 Years Ago – February, 1969

50 Years Ago – February, 1969 


    At the beginning of the month one local paper noted how warm weather had been dominating the region causing little snow accumulation. They shouldn’t have worried, for the weather is always changing, and the end of February brought plenty of snow and cold weather – just in time for spring.   

    On February 2, the newly completed Smithfield Boys Club skating rink was dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Furby and Smithfield Police Sergeant Norman Vezina, who both drowned two months earlier in December. The 17,000 square foot rink was located at the foot of Deerfield Dr. on land leased by the town for 50 years. Amenities included a warming hut, an office area, flood lights for nighttime skating, and electric pumps. The project began on May 13, 1966, and took three-and-a-half years to complete, a feat that was accomplished through the many hours of hard work by local contractors and numerous volunteers. The opening of the rink gave the youths of Smithfield a safe place to skate. Unfortunately, just 24 days later, thoughtless vandals destroyed much of the rink.    

     $500 was donated to the Norman Vezina Fund by the Chubby Square Dance Group of Pawtucket.

     SP/4 Raymond C, Smedberg of Greenville was serving with the U.S. Army in Yokosuka, Japan.

     Sergeant Harvey E. Frank of Greenville was serving with the 3rd Marine Division in South Vietnam.

     Airman 1/c William M. Haddad of Esmond was training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with the Air Force Security Police.

     Airman Kenneth T. Parent of Greenville completed basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

     Airman 1/c James P. Coupe of Greenville was serving with the U.S. Air Force in Thailand.

     Private Steven M. St. Jean of Georgiaville was stationed at Fort Gordon in Georgia.

     Navy Petty Officer 3/c Richard N. Kanea of Greenville was serving aboard the attack-cargo ship U.S.S. Algol. Prior to this assignment, he’d served two years in Vietnam.

     Brothers Brian and Terrance McCaffrey of Greenville were both serving with the U.S. Air Force, and both were promoted to sergeant.  

     S/Sgt. Benjamin F. Crossman, Jr., of Esmond was serving with the Air Force in Arkansas.

     George Allan of Greenville entered navy recruit training.

     Airman 1/c Mark D. Sullivan of Greenville was serving with the 804th Security Police.

     Army Private Carl A. Bruno of Greenville was awarded the American Spirit Honor Award in Graduation ceremonies held for the 3rd Basic Combat training Class at Fort Dix, N.J.

     On February 8th, the number one pop song was “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations.

     On February 9, the Boeing 747 “Jumbo Jet” flew for the first time.  

     How many can recall when parents used to have their baby’s first shoes dipped in bronze? One local company that advertised this service stated in their ad, “Your baby’s own shoes “eternalized” in everlasting metal – pickup and delivery”.

     With Valentine’s Day approaching, one local store suggested the gift of perfume. Provocative scents included “Spring Mist”, “Hypnotique”, “Primitive”, “Promesse”, and “Golden Woods”. Only $1.75 per bottle.

     The Smithfield Players presented “Critics Choice”, by a three-act comedy play by Ira Levin, at the Smithfield High School. The plot centered on a newspaper drama critic who is put in a difficult position when his wife becomes a stage actress.

     The drama critic was played by Gene Leveille, and Nancy St. Pierre played his wife.

    On February 18, a “Kiddies Day” was held, sponsored by the Smithfield High School senior class. Cartoons and the movie “The Three Lives of Thomasina” was shown, and refreshments were served.

     If one was looking for a good “pre-owned” car, one local dealership was offering a 1965 Ford Galaxie for $1,195. Andy Griffith fans will recall that Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Fife always drove Ford Galaxie police cars while patrolling the mean streets of Mayberry.     



50 Years Ago – March, 1969

50 Years Ago – March, 1969

    Reverend Joseph P. McNamara, the pastor of St. Philip’s Church, was elevated to Monsignor. “Father Mac”, as he was known, had been a priest for 46 years and had served as an Army Chaplin from 1934 to 1946. He came to St. Philip’s after his discharge from the military.

     Airman 1st Class Richard Johnson of Greenville left for a year’s duty in Thailand at Nakhon Phanom Air Force Base.

     Mario Ciotola of Douglas Pike was serving with the U.S. Air Force.

     PFC Steven M. St. Jean of Stillwater was serving in Vietnam.

     Marine Corporal Hawkins Hibbs of Greenville was awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

     Sergeant Richard L. Egan of Greenville was serving in the Air Force with the 351st Strategic Missile Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base.

     PH2 Joseph F. Green of Esmond was serving with the Naval Reserve Transport Squadron in California.

     The Smithfield contingent of the Junior Naval Cadets of America announced some promotions.

     Dennis Straight, Stephen Valolato, Paul Arella, were promoted to Senior Cadet 2nd class.

     James Darby and Robert Varr to Senior Cadet 3rd class.

     William Schaff, Keith Straus, Robert Walker, and Michael Allan, to Cadet 1st class.  

     Dennis Henlin, Gregory Straight, and Steven Neri to Cadet 2nd class.

     James Bicknell, Richard Cacciola, and Lawrence Preistley to Cadet 3rd class.

     The promotions were presented by Lt. W. H. Manchester.    

     Smithfield High School senior Mary Lou Sullivan was awarded the DAR Citizenship Award. Recipients are selected for their qualities of dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism.  

     Lewis E. Antone of Greenville was selected among Bryant College alumni to be included in the1969 national edition of “Outstanding Young Men of America”. Mr. Antone graduated from Bryant in 1959.

     On March 11 the Dorothy Dame School PTA sponsored a B-party at the school to raise funds for the Smithfield Scholarship Program. The featured prize was a food basket donated by the Esmond Market, which at that time stood across the street from the school.

     The Rhode Island Fruit Growers Association installed new officers at a ceremony held at the Greenville Grange Hall on Austin Avenue. President: George H. Smith. Vice President: Leonard G. Walker. Secretary-Treasurer: Edgar A. Steere. County Agricultural Agent: Howard King.

     Edwin Robinson was awarded the Golden Sheaf Award by the Greenville Grange in recognition of his fifty consecutive years of service to the organization.    

     On March 22, the Sing-a-Long Singers performed at a fund raising concert to benefit the Smithfield Boys Club. Other featured musicians included the Hetu Brothers, “Nicky” Cavas, Armand Regosta, and Smiling Joe Rossi.

   On March 19, a spring fashion show sponsored by the Family Store in Greenville was presented in the Fellowship Hall of the Greenville Baptist Church. Among the models who wore the latest fashions were, Jackie Leccese, Mary Ann Panghorn, and Betty Eldredge. Music at the event was provided by the Smithfield High School Chorus.  

     The Greenville Public Library voted to purchase books on the subject of Oceanography.  

     On March 29, Smithfield Parents Against Drug Abuse sponsored a fundraising buffet and forum at the high school. All proceeds were to go to the Marathon House in Providence.

     The Wionkhiege Valley Farm was offering sleigh rides for as long as the snow lasted.

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