Smithfield Police Car Photos

Smithfield, Rhode Island

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Smithfield’s first police car, a Ford Model A

Chief William Kelley c. 1935

Farnum Pike, August, 1977

Traffic Safety Jeep – 1983

Chevy Patrol Car, 1983

May, 2006

May, 2006

Traffic Vehicle, 2007


April, 2007

April, 2007

New Silver and Black Graphics November, 2014

November, 2014



Smithfield, Rhode Island
December 11, 2018

William Winsor School Weathervane – Smithfield, R. I.


     The Winsor School weathervane had adorned the top of the William Winsor School on Putnam Pike in Smithfield since the school opened in 1931.  The weathervane was blown off its setting during a severe windstorm in March of 2019, and suffered damage in the process making it impossible to return it to its place.  

     It is made of Aluminum.  

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William Winsor School




50 years Ago – March, 1971

50 years Ago – March, 1971

By Jim Ignasher

March, 1971

Lieutenant Edmund B. Lynch, Jr., of Greenville, was awarded the Air Medal for flying 25 helicopter missions over hostile territory in Vietnam during the month of September, 1970. At the time he was awarded the medal, he’d flown more than 80 additional missions!

Several functions were held by various organizations throughout the month of March, 1971.

The Smithfield Democratic Committee sponsored a “Swing into Spring” dance held at the St. Maria Goretti Hall in Pawtucket.

Almac’s supermarket sponsored a dinner/dance held at the Smithfield High School to benefit the Senior Class.

The Smithfield Golden Agers held a meeting at the Esmond Recreation Hall on Esmond St.

The Greenville Senior Sunshiners held a meeting St. Patrick’s Day party which included food and door prizes as well as traditional Irish songs, and a rendition of “Who Put The Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder?” by Joseph Lopez.

The group Ecology Action for Smithfield also met to discuss ways to reduce pollution in Smithfield.

On March 7, St. Phillip’s Cub Scout Pack 3 held a blue and gold dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Pascoag.

Those awarded their “bobcat” pins were Tim Carleton, and Scott Barrett.

Those awarded ‘wolf” patches included Keith Lewis, Christopher Wood, William Kulisch, Thomas D’Agostino, James Laferriere, Joseph Mattera, Steve Laesora, and Thomas Pickles.

Christopher Kirkwood was awarded a “bear” patch, and Greg Manion and William Kulisch were awarded silver and gold arrow emblems.

Joseph Raimondo was Cubmaster.

The Greenville Public Library had a St. Patrick’s Day display which included books of Ireland.

An advertisement from New England Telephone posted in a local newspaper stated that anyone wishing to make changes in the upcoming Providence Area Directory regarding their name or business should contact them. Who would have thought that phone books would one day be obsolete?

If one went to the Apple Valley Cinema in March of ’71 they had a choice of three movies. The first was “The Owl And The Pussycat”, a romantic comedy starring Barbara Streisand and George Segal; the movie “Joe”, a dark drama starring Peter Boyle; and “Lovers and Other Strangers”, another romantic comedy with Diane Keaton in her film debut role, and Sylvester Stallone as an “extra”.

On March 10, the “Junior Embassy of Smithfield” held an awards presentation at the Smithfield High school. Awards were granted to Henry Shepard, the school principal, and athletic director Robert Salisbury.

Richard Kernacki, director of the embassy, announced an award for then President Richard M. Nixon, and a phone call was placed to the White house switchboard to pass the message to the President.

On March 14 the Smithfield Boys Club held its annual dinner at the Club 44 restaurant. New officers were elected. Lionel Peloquin was elected president; Leo Bouchard, first vice president; Rita I. Connor, second vice president; Richard Scott, secretary; and John H. Jenkins, treasurer.

Eight boys were given awards: Joseph Prest, Timothy Peloquin, Thomas Connor, Thomas Aitken, Thomas Peloquin, Steven McGinn, John Peloquin, and Michael Scorpio.

Miss Isabel Brown was honored by the Greenville Grange for her fifty years of service to the organization. Joseph Connetti, Grange Master, presented her with a certificate.

A local Pontiac dealership was advertising a brand new Catalina. It’s interesting to note that the “extra features” that came with the car would be taken for granted today. Such as power disc brakes, padded dashboard, padded sun visors, padded arm rests, seat belts with push-button-release, head rests, dome lamp, safety hood latch, outside mirrors, 4-way hazard lights, windshield washer and two-speed wipers. All for $3,343.00. With a 350 v-8 engine!

The Smithfield Fire Department got a demonstration of “The Air Cycle” on Stump Pond. The vehicle was said to be an all-terrain hover craft driven by a powerful fan. The demonstrator hoped the town would purchase one for rescue work, but the craft didn’t perform well on rough and uneven ground.

Kurt Anderson of Smithfield appeared in the Rhode Island Theater Company production of “Dark of the Moon”, a drama set in Appalachia. The play did a six day run at the URI Quinn Theater.

The sit-com “Beverly Hillbillies” aired its final episode on March 23rd after a nine year run, and the “Ed Sullivan Show” aired its final broadcast five nights later after 23 years on television.



50 Years Ago – February, 1971

50 Years Ago – February, 1971

By Jim Ignasher

February, 1971

Gregory Schroeder of Greenville graduated from the University of Rhode Island Reserve Officers Training Corps and was appointed a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 3 of Greenville offered their services to the town for blazing trails at the Forge Road Green Acres Project. The offer was accepted, and the trails are still in use today.

Members of Esmond Boy Scout Troop 1 camped out overnight at Buck Hill in Burrillville.

On February 5th the Apollo 14 lunar module successfully landed on the surface of the moon. Remote television cameras set up by the astronauts later captured mission leader Alan Shepard driving two golf balls with an improvised “golf club”. The balls sailed off in the much reduced gravity of the moon.

Apollo 14 returned to earth safely on February 9th.

If one went to the movies in February, 1971, they might have seen “Cold Turkey”, starring Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, Pippa Scott, Jean Stapleton, and a host of others. Set in the mythical town of Eagle Rock, Iowa, the plot involves a tobacco company which offers twenty-five million dollars to the town if everyone can stop smoking for thirty days. The citizens accept the challenge, and thus the hi-jinx begin.

February, 1971

Popular songs that topped the charts included “One Bad Apple”, by The Osmond Brothers, “Knock Three Times”, by Tony Orlando and Dawn, and “Lonely Days”, by the Bee Gees.

A local oil company was advertising 200 gallons of heating oil for $32.00 plus tax. For those doing the math, that comes to just over six cents a gallon.

The Smithfield Town Council approved an industrial tie-in with the Blackstone Valley Sewer System which included plans to run pipes along George Washington Highway to Ashton.

On February 17th, Smithfield Cub Scout Pack 44 held its annual Blue and Gold Dinner at the Smithfield High School. Achievement awards were presented to: Paul Thorpe, Alfred D’Angelo, James White, Michael Falls, Blaise Amidy, Robert Shirley, David Conte, Brian White, Todd Provost, Adam Bianchini, Richard Thorpe, Richard Scott, Walter Sullivan, Stephan Falls, Michael Serapiglia, Kevin McMaugh, Roger Paquette, and James Boyle.

On February 21st Smithfield Cub Scout pack 141 held its annual Blue and Gold Dinner at Wright’s Farm. The following scouts received achievement awards: Jason Macari, Michael Winsor, Stanley freeman, Scott Graham, John Gerlach, Gregg Hall, Francis Conroy, and Craig Noke.

February, 1971

The following scouts received prizes for raising money for the Christmas Fund: Peter Sparmeni, Jason Macari, and Paul Francisco.

Reverend Michael F. Ray was appointed Rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Greenville.

Father Joseph A. Besse was appointed the new pastor of St. Philips Catholic Church in Greenville.

The Smithfield Police Department acquired three brand new police cars which had a black and white color scheme and dual “gumball” lights on the roof.

The Elks Lodge on Farnum Pike dedicated its new ball room, said to be the largest in the area. A Valentine’s Day dance was held there February 13th which was well attended.

50 Years Ago – January, 1971

50 Years Ago – January, 1971

By Jim Ignasher


Navy Petty Officer 3/c Lloyd Courtemanche of Greenville was serving aboard the U.S.S. La Salle.

James P. Hegarty of Greenville was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Air Force T/Sgt. Kenneth W. Fuller of Spragueville was serving in Torrejon, Spain.

A local newspaper held a “first baby of the year” contest of which Robert H. Hartley III of Esmond was the winner. His parents received an assortment of prizes donated by local businesses.

At midnight on January 1st a new law went into effect banning cigarette advertisements from television and radio. The law was aimed at keeping youngsters from wanting to smoke.

A local newspaper carried an advertisement for an “Air-cycle”, said to be an “all season escape machine”. It carried one person and behaved like a hover-craft. It was driven by a powerful propeller blade and would float on a small cushion of air thus enabling it to perform on water, ice, snow, muddy terrain, and sand, at speeds in excess of 40 mph. As to price, one had to call for details.

On January 12, the television series “All in the Family” starring Carroll O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner, aired for the first time on CBS.

The Smithfield Jaycees honored Buddy Balfour as “outstanding young man of the year” for his work done with the Smithfield Raiders football team

Sergeant James H. McVey and Detective Saverio E. Serapiglia of the Smithfield Police taught a driver’s education class at the Smithfield High School.

Student Dennis Henlin received an award for highest marks.

A local Ford dealership was advertising a 1971 Ford maverick for $2,247; a 1971 Mustang for $2,982; a Galaxie 500 for $3,247; and a Pinto for $2,107.

On January 28, the group, Ecology For Smithfield held a meeting at the Greenville Grange to discuss pollution reduction.

On January 31, Apollo 14 took off from Cape Kennedy bound for the moon carrying astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Jr., Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell. This was the second trip in space for Shepard, who in 1961 became the first American to travel in space in a one-man Mercury space capsule.

Smithfield Tax League – 1971

Advertisement for the Smithfield Tax League which appeared in The Observer, March, 1971. 

New England Railroad Advertisement – 1896

Waterbury Evening Democrat
August 8, 1896


New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Ad – 1895

Waterbury Evening Democrat
August 1, 1895

Smithfield Voting Districts – 1845

Smithfield Voting Districts – 1845

     This newspaper article appeared in the Herald of the Times of Newport, Rhode Island, February 20, 1845.  It relates to the establishment of new voting districts in the Town of Smithfield. 

     In 1845, Smithfield was much larger.  In 1871 the town was divided, and the towns of Lincoln and North Smithfield were incorporated.  It was also in 1871 that land south of the Blackstone River, which included the villages of Globe, Bernon, and Hamlet,  was deeded to Woonsocket.  Central Falls was later incorporated from the Town of Lincoln n 1895.        

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