Halloween Presentation II

The Corpse That Drove a Hearse,

And Other True Tales of the Macabre

Blackstone Valley Historical Society

1873 Old Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, R.I., 725-2847

     Truth can be stranger than fiction, and New England is not lacking for bizarre mortuary tales of the dead, the undead, and those caught somewhere in between. Take for instance the departed man who ended up in control of the hearse at his own funeral, or the man who walked in on his own wake and saw himself lying in the casket!   Then there’s the medical student who re-animated the ill-gotten corpse of a beautiful woman – and later married her!

     The Victorian fear of a premature burial was very real, and apparently, well founded, but how many know that there were those who actually made a living by being buried alive?

     On Saturday, October 20, at 7:00 p.m., author and historian Jim Ignasher will present these and other strange but true tales just in time for Halloween. These are not ghost stories, but historically documented cases virtually forgotten since they occurred.

     The Program will include a Power Point presentation.

     Please Note; These stories are true, and will be presented in a tasteful manner, however, due to subject mater, the presentation is not recommended for young children.  

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