March 2014 Newsletter

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 Dear Friends and Fellow Members:

I hope you will join us on March 13, 2014, at 6:30, for our first membership meeting of the year. If we should have snow forecast for that date, we will meet the following Thursday, March 20.  A message on our voicemail at the museum will confirm a cancellation (401) 231-7363.

As some of you might know, I grew up in Canada.  My parents, family and friends played a card game called euchre (pronounced you-cur).  It is played by four, or six people, in two partner sets.  After the cards are dealt, the top card from the deck is turned over, and that suit becomes the trump card, if either “ordered up” or “picked up” by one of the players.  When a suit is named trump, any card of that suit outranks any card of a non-trump suit. The highest-ranking card in euchre is the Jack of the trump suit.  Whoever wins the most “tricks” wins that game.

Although my father only went to school until he was nine years old, he had an uncanny knack at playing this game.  I can remember him coolly sitting at the table, and saying, “let’s make it diamonds.”  I would watch as each hand was played, my father leading with an ace of hearts.  Everyone would follow suit, and he would win the trick.  At the end of that hand, I would realize my father didn’t have even one trump card.  But he would win.  Another way he would begin a trick was by saying, “on the strength of my partners hand” and he would pick a suit.  If you were his partner, you really needed to play your cards right!  I have thought of that phrase quite often, and realize how it applies in life.  There is not much accomplished without our relying upon the strength of our partners.  Perhaps that is the miracle of any volunteer organization, to realize when you forgot to call someone to help with an event, and they show up anyway.  Or a dinner to feed volunteers magically appears because someone brought a salad, a pie, and another a pork loin.  I would like to express my appreciation for all the Smith-Appleby House family that contributes to the care and growth of the Historical Society; it would not be possible without you.

We have quite a few projects underway, the largest of which will be a new roof this year.  We are grateful to the Champlin Foundation for the funding required.  The new fence for the kitchen garden is making good progress.  We have collected funds for the beehive oven, and will begin that project as time and energy permits.  We also have a possible land acquisition underway.

We have been working on our event calendar for the year:

  • May 4 – 41st Annual May Breakfast
  • May/June (School programs throughout for our local schools)
  • June 21 – Wedding
  • August  – Possible Open House, Rhody Ramble
  • September 7, 20  – Weddings
  • September 28 – Possible Open House – Smithsonian Day
  • October 19 – Antique Show
  • November 14 & 15 – A Colonial Dinner in New England
  • December 7 – Christmas Open House, December 13 (members Christmas party)

As ever, we are glad for any assistance with our programs!

Regarding membership dues, one of our steadfast members, Connie Costa completely charmed me when sending in her dues this year.  She commented that the delay in sending her dues made her a member of the “Red Dot Society.”  It is possible to be both, if you are a member of the Historical Society, and somehow miss the renewal date.  Just watch for that telltale red dot on your envelope, and it will keep you current!

Membership dollars are a very real part of our finances, and also a sign of your support for the work being accomplished to preserve the Smith-Appleby House.  A red dot on your envelope signals your membership is in arrears.  You must be a member in good standing to vote at the Membership Meeting on March 13, 2014, and we hope to see you there.  Checks should be sent to the Stillwater Road address on our letterhead.

Warmest wishes,

Maggie Botelho
Program Director 

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