Smithfield Police Hiring Ad – 1971

     Appeared in The Observer on May, 20, 1971.

The Observer – May 20, 1971

Hurricane of 1869

The Evening Telegraph
(Philadelphia, PA.)
Sept. 10, 1869

19th Century Steamboat Advertisements

Herald of the Times

(Newport, R. I.)

April 12, 1832


Colonial Steamship Line Ad – 1914

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1914 Advertisement

Steamship New Shoreham

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July, 1914

Lime Rock Fatal Accident – 1828

     Prior to 1871, Lime Rock was part of the town of Smithfield, R. I. 

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Litchfield County Post (Conn.)

October 23, 1828

Historic Tree Cut Down – 1890

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The Republican, (Oakland, MD.)

September 12, 1890

Smithfield’s Most Historic Bell

     The bell hung in the former Butterfly Factory in what is now Lincoln, R. I., but was originally part of Smithfield.  The building survives today as a private home.  

Iuka Reporter, (Iuka, MS.)
December 10, 1891
Also appeared in other papers around the country.

Iuka Reporter
December 12, 1891

Smithfield Police, R. I., Uniform Patches

Smithfield R. I. Police
Worn 1950s – 1960s

Smithfield R. I. Police
Worn 1960s – 1970s

A rare version of the Smithfield patch showing a white background. Possibly a prototype.

Smithfield R.I. Police
Worn from 1973 to 2017.
This is an early issue. Later issues were fully embroidered.

Second Issue

Autism Awareness – Silver
Issued March, 2021

Autism Awareness – gold
Issued March, 2021

Robert H. Steere, Smithfield, R. I.

     The farm was located in Stillwater.     

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The Portland Daily Press
(Portland, Maine)
October 13, 1874

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