September 2013 Newsletter

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 Dear Friends and Fellow Members:

I recently received an email from our Treasurer, Mr. Bob Sherman, regarding a proposed Boy Scout Eagle project.  If approved, we will be working with Gregory Soito on a garden fence.  Bob said in his email, this would be a fall project after the last row of corn has been taken up.

That phrase “after the last row of corn has been taken up” got me thinking.  Doesn’t that just completely sum up the ending of the summer season, an awareness of the fall upon us, and the passage of time?  I measure time at the museum by the events we present – end of school programs, summer rambles, Colonial Dinner – then Christmas – Christmas party, and the beginning of the winter hours – lack of snow and abundance of volunteers permitting.  Milestones in a museum calendar, not unlike the farmers of old, laying in sufficient wood for the winter, spring planting and fall harvest -lack of snow and abundance of family members permitting!

Part of our calendar includes the Annual Membership Meeting, to be held at the Smith-Appleby House on September 12 at 6:30 pm.  As a gentle reminder, your membership dues must be current in order to vote.

 We would love to see the following positions filled:

  • Treasurer
  • Buildings
  • Curator
  • History

Anyone interested in these positions can leave a message at the museum (401) 231-7363.  As well, we are always seeking interested parties to assist with tours, and our educational programs.  Additionally, please let me know if you have a contribution for the newsletter, I value stories from the past, and poetry! 

By way of an update, the new gutters and two French drains were installed to help move water away from the foundation.  Also, an updated brochure was designed and printed – thanks to Deb Cote and Jim Ignasher.  A kiosk was installed on the end of the barn – thanks to Kyle Hannon, who created the kiosk as his Eagle Scout project.  Our grant application for an outdoor beehive oven was not approved, but our plans will be resubmitted for a second round this fall.  Speaking of bees, Mr. Tom Smith, beekeeper has established a hive beside the train station.  I keep thinking about marketing a Smith-Applebee Honey line, unless that name is taken? (!)

On August 17, we had a cornhusk doll craft at the museum, and were privileged to display the Blackstone Valley Quilt that represents 24 towns.  The quilt is on loan, and unfortunately will have moved to its next site by the time of our membership meeting.

We recently purchased a new weed whacker – a commercial model, and let’s just say Peter Giammarco is happy, and making good use of it!  Thanks to Don Burns for making a recommendation for the purchase.

The remaining open house dates on our calendar are:

  • September 28 – Open House – Smithsonian Museum DayScherenschnitte & Thaumatropes crafts
  • November 8 & 9 – Colonial Dinner – A Pirates Bounty
  • December 8 – Christmas Open House
  • December 14 – Members Christmas party

We hope you will try to join us on Thursday, September 12 at 6:30 for the Annual Membership Meeting.  Your executive board tries very hard to make good decisions regarding the care and upkeep of the Smith-Appleby House, but your voice, and opinion is very important.

Lastly, we are still collecting email addresses (saving a stamp); so if you have not already done so, send me your new email, ( and I will send it along to the Membership Chairperson!

Warmest wishes,

Maggie Botelho
Program Director

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