Citizens Bank, Greenville, R. I. – 1986

     This bank building was located on Rt. 44 in Greenville.  It closed in 2017 and moved to a new building across the street.  This building is now a donut shop.  

     Photo courtesy of John Murphy Sr. of Greenville. 

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Smithfield, R.I. Exchange Bank $5 Note – July 4, 1859

Donated to the Smith-Appleby House Museum/Historical Society of Smithfield, by Elizabeth Lees, in memory of Edwin and Doris Osler, of Burrillville, R. I.    

     This extremely rare banknote is signed by William Winsor and Elisha Smith of Smithfield, and dated July 4, 1859. 

     The man on the left of the banknote is Zachary Taylor, later President Taylor, our nations 12th President, and the woman is Kate Sevier, wife of Revolutionary War hero John Sevier, who later became Governor of Tennessee.  Why their images were chosen to be on the note is unknown.

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Smithfield Union Bank – 1806 Banknotes

Smithfield Union Bank- 1806 Banknotes

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Images courtesy of Katie Law of the Smithfield Preservation Society

Smithfield Union Bank

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