Sgt. Norman Vezina, Smithfield Police, Memorial Poem


Sgt. Norman G. Vezina

      Sgt. Norman G. Vezina of the Smithfield Police department lost his life in the line of duty on December 10, 1968 while attempting to rescue a 5-year-old child who’d fallen through thin ice.  

     On December 12, 1970, a memorial service was held for Sgt. Vezina at St. Michael’s Church in Gerogiaville.   At that time, fellow Smithfield police officer, Sgt. Prescott J. Williams, Jr., wrote a poem honoring Vezina which appeared in the December 17th, issue of The Observer.  

One of our brothers, has departed,

it was on a cold December day.

While performing his duty as a policeman,

trying to save a child at play.

We’re not known to be the greatest,

we’re not known to be the best.

But while performing our duties as policemen,

we do our very best.

On that sad day, may we all pray,

when Norman was laid to rest,

while performing his duties as a policeman,

he did his very best.

he will be long remembered,

by us, from day to day,

for performing his duty as a policeman, 

and the price he was asked to pay.

There is no way of knowing,

no words that can define,

while performing the duties of a policeman,

life may end at any time.

Captain Prescott J. Williams, Jr.

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