50 Years Ago – December, 1972

50 Years Ago – December, 1972

By Jim Ignasher   

December, 1972

    Airman Charles E. Pelletier of Greenville was serving at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.

     The Smithfield Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol took part in celebrations honoring the 31st anniversary of the founding of the C.A.P. Membership to the Smithfield squadron was open to all youths between the ages of 13 to 18. Older youth were eligible to become senior members.

     On December 7, Apollo 17 launched from Cape Kennedy with three astronauts and five mice aboard. This would be the last manned moon landing conducted by NASA up to the present day.   

December, 1972

     On December 9, The Smithfield High School Ecology Club held a paper drive. Residents were advised to drop off old newspapers and magazines at the high school to be recycled.

     On December 12, the William Winsor Parent Teachers Association held a Christmas Bazaar.

     The Smithfield Ice Rink was nearing completion, and a contest sponsored by the Smithfield Recreation Department, was held to select a design for the center of the floor that would be under the ice. The winner was Mary Natalizia of Georgiaville, who received a $35 savings bond. Other contestants, Roberta Smith, Greg Hall, and Paula Serapiglia, received awards for honorable mention.

     The awards were presented by the ice rink director, Stanley Lange.

     On December 16 the Greenville Grange held a Christmas Bazaar

     The Cranford Club of Greenville entertained patients at Zambarano Hospital.   

December, 1972

     Over one thousand citizens attended the annual Christmas Light Ceremony held at the Town Hall in Georgiaville. Music and carols were provided by the Smithfield Junior High Glee Club, and the Smithfield High School Orchestra. Upstairs in the council chambers Santa doled out gifts to the children, while adults could partake in coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts.

     The following night the annual tree lighting ceremony took place on the Greenville Common, which included a nativity scene, and an invocation given by Rev. Alvin Johnson, pastor of the Greenville Baptist Church, and Rev. William Bourdon, pastor of St. Philip’s Church.

     Music was provided by the Apple Valley Chorus, the Greenville Chorus, and Miss Olive Wilkes of St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

     Mrs. Mary E. Freeman of Greenville was appointed Chairperson of the Smithfield chapter of the March of Dimes charity.

     Members of Brownie Troop 53 of Georgiaville appeared on the local television show “Dialing for Dollars”, a show based on random telephone calls to viewers. If the person who answered the phone knew the password that was announced at the beginning of the show, they’d win money.   

December, 1972

     Five members of Boy Scout Troop 1 of Greenville were elevated to Life & Star Scouts. They were; Gerald Shirley, Charles Walsh, Timothy Walsh, Robert Ferguson, and Ronald DiNoble.

     To encourage the planting of more trees, the Smithfield Conservation Commission was taking orders for free sapling trees to be delivered in April in time for spring planting. The trees included Hemlock, Douglas Fir, White Spruce, and White Pine.

     A local business was advertising snow tires for $18.77 a pair. This did not include tax or installation. A new battery could be had for $21.86, and windshield de-icer for 87 cents a can.

     The Smithfield Neighborhood Association for Progress, (S.N.A.P.), elected new officers. Elected Chairman was Roy K. Becket; Vice Chair, Blanche Panzarella; Secretary, Beverly Viracco; Treasurer, Rev. William Bourdon.



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