Police Capture Fugitives – 1936

    On February 4, 1936, four Providence police detectives and two state police officers parked their cars on Douglas Pike just north of Twin River Road and made their way into the woods towards a closed Girl Scout camp.  Information had been received that two juvenile escapees from the Sockanosset School who were responsible for a recent series of burglaries were hiding in the lone cabin there.  The officers trekked for about a mile through rain and slushy snow before they came upon a string hanging across a trail at waist height.  The string was connected to items designed to make noise and warn the youths of anyone’s approach.  They skirted the trap and moved in on the cabin.  Once inside they discovered evidence of recent habitation, but didn’t see the youths.  After a search, one was found hiding under the porch, and the other in the eaves of the roof.  The youths and some recovered stolen property were taken to Providence.

     Source: Woonsocket Call, “Two Sockanosset Fugitives Trapped In Camp Hideout”, February 5, 1936, page 9 

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