Sgt. Robert Martin Memorial

     Sergeant Robert Martin of Smithfield was a tail-gunner on a B-17 “Flying Fortress” bomber aircraft in World War II.   He was killed on July 28, 1943, while flying his first mission.  To learn more about his story, click on the following article:  Chance Relics Reveal A Forgotten Tale

     Peter den Tek, of Holland, found the crash site of Sgt. Martin’s B-17 and erected a signboard. (See below.)  Mr. den Tek was also responsible for the creation of a memorial to Sgt. Martin’s crew, as well as the crews of five other allied aircraft.  For more information, see the following article: Freedom Isn’t Free

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Signboard at the site where Sgt. Martin’s B-17 crashed in Holland on July 28, 1943. Photo by Peter den Tek

Sgt. Robert Martin

Memorial created for Sgt. Martin’s Crew.
Photo by Peter den Tek

The memorial nearing completion.
Photo by Peter den Tek

The base of the memorial with the names of allied crews. Photo by Peter den Tek.

The crew names of Sgt. Martin’s B-17.
Photo by Peter den Tek

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