Historic Cemetery 68 & 72

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1939 Aherns Fox Fire Truck

1939 Aherns Fox Fire Truck

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1939 Aherns Fox
Greenville Fire Company
Greenville, R.I.

Circus In Greenville – 1964

     The Hunt Brothers Circus at Burgess Field in Greenville – 1964 

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Anne Allen of Greenville.

For more information, see “Elephants And Other Curiosities” on the “Historic Articles” page of this website.       

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Hunt Brothers Circus
Burgess Field, Greenville, R.I.

Lyman Arnold Farm – Smithfield, R.I.

    Lyman Arnold Farm

      Photos of the former Lyman Arnold farm which was located on Whipple Road, east of Douglas Pike.  The land has since been developed.  Photos courtesy of Denise Firby & Katie Law of Smithfield.  

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Lyman Arnold Farm House

View of the barn on the Layman Arnold farm, Smithfield, R.I.

73 Austin Avenue, Greenville, R.I.

73 Austin Avenue, Greenville Rhode Island

Photo taken May, 2018  

     According to the book, “Historical And Architectural Resources Of Smithfield, Rhode Island”, published in 1992 by the Rhode Island Preservation Commission, this house was built circa 1885, and in 1895 was owned by P. McAuley.

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Historical Photos


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