St. Michael’s Church Baseball Team – 1941

Leach Brothers, Greenville, R. I.

     Photo submitted by Robert leach, Greenville, R. I. 


Greenville Trust Company Ad – 1930

Appeared in November of 1930.

Click on image to enlarge. 

Apple Industry, Smithfield, R. I.

Photos courtesy of the Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission.  Click on images to enlarge. 

Thomas K. Winsor in photo.

Spray Wagon

T. K. Winsor

T. K. Winsor

Click on link below to learn more about T. K. Winsor.

T. K. Winsor -The Apple King


Stanley T. Winsor , Greenville, R. I., Apple Label

Label for packing crates.  Courtesy of the Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission.

Click here for other Winsor Apple Labels

Smithfield, R. I., Political Campaign Car – 1956

Car in front of Town Hall.  Photo courtesy of Alonzo Thurber. 

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Smithfield D.P.W. Bucket Loader – 1949

July, 1949

Photos courtesy of Alonzo Thurber.

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Smithfield, R. I., Police Station Photos

    The original police station was located in the Smithfield Town Hall from 1950 until 1972.  Land owned by Burton and Mary Mowry was donated to the town for a new police station site, and ground breaking ceremonies took place on May 27, 1972.  Dedication ceremonies were held on January 14, 1973. 

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Groundbreaking for new station, May 27, 1972.
L to R: Deputy Chief James McVey, Chief Arthur Gould, Corporal Saverio Serapiglia

Expansion of the police station – 2016/17



Vintage Smithfield, R. I., Police Photos

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Smithfield’s first police car.
A 1930 Ford Model A.

Chief Kelly – 1935 Ford

Police Chief Lacroix

Washington Highway – 1940s

Officer Adolph Schenck investigates a traffic accident on Douglas Pike in 1951 while Alfred Angel and Milton Corey look on.

Smithfield Police – 1950

The police station was located in the Town Hall.

Smithfield Police – 1961

Washington Highway – 1970s

In 1977, the department drove light blue police cars.

Officer Joe Plachino looking at camera.

Captain Prescott J. Williams, Jr.

1976 Traffic Wagon

1978 Ford

Officer Charles McCann
Douglas Pike at Washington Hwy.

Chief Vincent O’Connell

1983 Chevrolet

Farnum Pike at Old County Rd.

Photo taken in 2007

Photo taken in 2007.

photo taken in 2007.




Warwick, R. I. Post Office

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