Greenville, R.I. Postmasters, 1823 to 2005

     Information provided by Tom Green of North Providence, R. I.

     The Enfield Post Office was in existence from January 17, 1881 to October 15, 1908.  It then became the Esmond Post Office on October 16, 1908.  The original Esmond Post Office was located on Esmond Street near Waterman Avenue.   It was later moved to Waterman Avenue just south of Esmond Street.  

     The Georgiaville Post Office opened October 19, 1852 and closed on August 31, 1955.    

     Today the post office that serves Esmond and Georgiaville is located at the intersection to Farnum Pike and Old County Rd. 

     The restored train station presently at the Smith-Appleby House property served as a post office from September 18, 1886 to January 31, 1914. 

     The post office that once existed in the village of Stillwater was in operation from May 23, 1877 to June 30, 1924. 



Irene Barnes, Smithfield, R. I.

Irene Barnes – Photo taken 1883

Senator Raymond E. Adams

Raymond E. Adams,  (1884-1972)  

Buried in the Abial Mowry Cemetery on Warren Street, Esmond. 

From unknown newspaper. 

Frederick L. Austin Obituary – 1949

Frederick Leander Austin (1869 – 1949) 

Buried in Highland Memorial Park in Johnston, R. I.

From unknown newspaper. 


Maria Appleby Obituary – 1959

From the Woonsocket Call, November 5, 1959.

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Maria Appleby

Smithfield Union Bank Counterfeit Money – 1854

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The Daily Minnesota Pioneer
September 27, 1854

Smithfield Exchange Bank Advertisement – 1845

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Posted in The New York Tribune
August 22, 1845

Rocky Point Poster – 1872

Possibly the only surviving example of this advertising poster. 

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Smithfield Exchange Bank $1.25 Note

Image courtesy of Katie Law of Smithfield.

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Smith-Appleby Family Genealogy

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Persons Associated with the Smith-Appleby House ex

An early automobile in front of the barn circa 1915.

An early automobile in front of the Smith-Appleby House barn circa 1915.

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