A Post Office In A Bar Room – 1845

The following article appeared in a Providence, R. I., newspaper called “St. John The Baptist”, on March 21, 1845, page 1.  It was supplied courtesy of historian Tom Greene of North Providence, R. I. 

The article talks of an unnamed bar in the “south west” portion of Smithfield which also served as a post office.   

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Greenville, R. I. Post Office Documents and Photos

The following items were supplied by historian Tom Greene of North Providence, R. I. 

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Oscar Tobey’s store, early 1900s.
The general store also served as the Greenville Post Office.

A close up of the “Post Office” sign.



Note that there are two post office signs.

After the fire that destroyed Tobey’s Store, this building was erected in 1924 on the same location. It too served as a post office.

Greenville, R. I., Post Office
On Putnam Pike (Rt. 44)
Circa 1970
A music store now occupies this location.


Image courtesy of Dan Bethel

Enfield & Esmond R. I. Post Office Documents

The following documentation was supplied by Historian Tom Greene of North Providence, R. I.  

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Old Esmond Post Office

Esmond Street

Esmond Post Office Sign

Former Esmond Post Office

Esmond, R. I. Post Office

Circa 1980

Was on Waterman Ave. near Esmond St.

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