Greenville, R. I. – January 9, 2022

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Looking south from Austin Ave.


Where the Greenville Grange Hall once stood.

Austin Ave and Rt. 44

Looking west on Rt. 44

Looking east on Rt. 44 towards St. Thomas Church

Greenville Baptist Church

Greenville Fire Station

St. Thomas Church

Winfield Funeral Home

Rt. 44 at Smith Ave.

Old Exchange Bank

Rt. 44 at Greenville Ave

Newport Creamery

Rt. 44 looking east.

Pleasant View Ave looking towards Rt. 44




Smithfield, R. I. Churches

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First St. Philip Church on Smith Ave., Greenville.

Old St. Philip Church
Putnam Pike, Greenville




St. Thomas Church Parsonage Article – Sept. 30, 1881

From the Woonsocket Patriot, September 30, 1881

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